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How Shri Ram Bhajan creates a positive environment around us

Shri Ram Bhajan

Everyone’s adorable Lord Shri Ram is not only a symbol of Sanatan Dharma but the identity of our culture. Who does not know Lord Shri Ram well? Whenever it comes to Ramayana, the image of Lord Shri Ram gets imprinted on the psyche. The glory of Ram Naam is unmatched. All the difficulties of life are removed by simply listening to the Shri Ram bhajan.

One who regularly sings Shri Ram songs is not worried about anything. You can take an example of Lord Hanuman.

What is the glory of the name Ram

Ram Naam is not just a name Ram Naam is the devotion of the devotee, Ram Naam is the power of the hero, Ram Naam is the strength of Hanuman ji.

What are the benefits of chanting the name of Ram

At the time of passing out of life, the creature from whose mouth the name of Lord Shri Ram comes out, he renounces his life and crosses the ocean of the world, that is, he remembers saying Ram Ram while dying, he crosses the ocean of the universe. Birth is released from death.

The joy that comes from listening to Shri Ram bhajans cannot be expressed in words. Whenever we listen to the Shri Ram songs in our house or around us, a positive energy is transmitted by itself and a divine energy can be felt in our surroundings as well.

Devotion To Shri Ram

If it comes to the devotion of Lord Shri Ram, then Hanuman ji is first remembered because no one can do devotion like Hanuman ji. But all of you Ram devotees do not be discouraged, we keep presenting very beautiful Shri Ram song for you from time to time.

By listening to these Shri Ram bhajans, all of you will be absorbed in the devotion of Shri Ram. Singing to the Shri Ram bhajan, you will feel as if you are chanting the tune of the name of Ram.

These Shri Ram bhajan will infuse positive energy in you.

Karle Kirtan Ram Ka

Ram Siya Ram

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