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Know which is the trending New Punjabi romantic song

New Punjabi Romantic Song

If we are right then your playlist will not be complete until a new Punjabi romantic song is added to your playlist.

Everyone listens songs according to their mood but a lot of the people like to listen romantic, sad and love songs. Punjabi songs are on a different level and most of the young generation like to listen Punjabi songs. Punjabi language compel people to listen to Punjabi songs and dance on it. Every party, wedding and auspicious occasion is incomplete without Punjabi songs. Everyone wants to listen Punjabi song. Punjabi music offer it all, whether you’re in the mood to dance, fall in love, or are just want to listen to something deep.

New Punjabi romantic song holds a special place in the heart of every person who truly loves his/her partner. Raga Music presenting the new Punjabi romantic song list for all true lovers. When you listen to this new Punjabi romantic songs, your bonding with your partner will become stronger and your life will be filled with happiness. Punjabi music sings a beautiful ballad of love. We have compiled a selection of enchanting Punjabi songs that will speak to the hearts of all the couples out there.

New Punjabi Romantic Song List

Sohni Naar

Raga Music Entertainment is presenting New Punjabi Song 2022 Sohni Naar which has been sung by Anmol Sama. He is the best-raising singer in the Punjabi music industry. As we all know every Punjabi song is unique because of its song’s lyrics and titles and we all are loved to hear these lyrics we need to accept Punjabi industry always gives superb beats in their songs.

Punjabi songs have a different craze in today’s youth. Punjabi Hit Songs 2022 attracts the youth the most. When Punjabi bhangra songs are played in weddings, a different atmosphere is created. There will be only one person who is not ready to dance on Punjabi Bhangra Songs. When new Punjabi music video is played in party, marriage and any other program, it adds to your happiness. New Punjabi song sohni naar is one of them. Mostly the population of India would like to watch Punjabi 4k video songs rather than listen because Punjabi songs are very spicy and entertaining in watching too.

Kara Shukraa Tera

Kara Shukra Tera is a new punjabi lyrical love video song. This song is sung by Snigdha Sarkar and Ashok Singh. Every word in this song has a deep meaning. Priyanka Pandey has written the lyrics of this beautiful love song. This video song presents the story of true love through words. You will definitely remember your love and beautiful memories when you listen to this new Punjabi romantic song. Both singer have sung very beautifully this new Punjabi song. The music of this song is very catchy and the voice of the singers is also very melodious.

Ranjha Mahi

You can feel the love in this Punjabi New Hit Love Song by Muskan Mahi, which is presented by Raga Music Entertainment. It is a really beautiful song. In romantic or love songs, there is always something special. These types of music have really particular vibes that are extremely uncommon to experience. Due to these sentiments, Punjabi romantic songs are constantly in demand, and trust me, folks, this ranjha mahi song is also a very moving one that you should listen to for yourself.

Abhi and Muskan Mahi, who are also featured in this song, both have gorgeous faces. You can also listen to this song as an mp3 on your mp3 platforms like as gaana, Jio Savan, Wynk, Spotify, and many others. Simply search for Punjabi mp3 new song to get our large selection of romantic and love song collections.


Rahul Appie’s most sultry song, Distance, is presented by Raga Music Entertainment. Describe love. Regarding love, everyone has an opinion. This brand-new Punjabi song also demonstrates several forms of love. We are confident that this Valentine’s Day Latest Romantic Song 2022 will truly make your day. We are aware that the newest romantic songs of 2022 will enable you to express your love through music. Some people express their love verbally, while others share these songs with others.

You may always show your love and feelings for your lover with the aid of a brand-new Punjabi love song. From our mp3 sites, like Jiosavan, Spotify, Wink, and Gaana, you can also download new mp3 Punjabi love songs. These platforms also let you listen to or stream the most recent punjabi song mp3 downloads. Please like, subscribe to, and keep listening to more romantic Punjabi songs on Raga Music Channel.

Raga Music always tries to make people happy. Whatever content we provide, we always want our customers to love and enjoy it. We provide songs in different languages like Haryanvi, Hindi, Bengali and Punjabi. Our goal is to make everyone happy and enjoy our new songs.

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